Ask Your Physician To Order A Free Sample Kit For You:

Rhinostat exhibits at several major medical meetings each year, yet we reach only a small number of practicing physicians who treat patients that are struggling with nasal spray addiction.

Here is how the program works:

Click on the links below to download and print out the Rhinostat Physician Information File.  Bring it with you the next time you see your doctor.  Since your physician may have questions about our method, we created this brief summary which describes how our dosage titration system works.

Ask you doctor, or a member of his or her office staff, to fax us a one-page note which has the word "Rhinostat" written on it. 
Rhinostat's Fax Number is (203)798-2253.  They may submit this on the office letterhead or doctor's prescription pad.  We will send the kit directly to the doctor's office, free of charge.  We will also send them some literature for their next rebound congestion (rhinitis medicamentosa) patient.

Important Note:

Please make sure that when ordering your complimentary kit, your health care provider indicates the name of the active ingredient in your current nasal spray (Oxymetazoline, Phenylepherine or Xylometazoline.)  Very often, physicians order these kits and do not specify a compound.  We are not able to fulfill their request without this important information.

This file is available in  Adobe PDF Format
Download Rhinostat Physician Information


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