Physician Office – Request A Sample

Rhinostat provides complimentary sample kits to licensed physicians and health care providers within the United States of America. Please enter your practice information as it appears on the records of your state.

Important Information:

If you are ordering a kit for use with a particular patient, please check with them first to verify the active ingredient in the decongestant spray they are currently using. Rhinostat kits are individually formulated and it is imperative that the patient receive a kit which contains the correct compound.

Here is the relative popularity of active ingredients based upon the total kits we formulate:

84% Oxymetazoline HcL (Afrin)
10% Phenylephrine HcL
5% Xylometazoline HcL (Mostly Europe, Australia, Asia – Rare in the USA)
1% Combination Oxymetazoline HcL & Phenylephrine HcL