Convertible Rhinostat Kits

Occasionally, patients may be administering non-standard decongestant sprays (such as ophthalmic preparations) or sprays which contain ingredients which are not available to our Florida USA based lab.

In these cases, Rhinostat will provide a “Convertible Kit” which will allows these patients to withdraw using their current decongestant formulation along with our apparatus and diluent.

Convertible kits are shipped with the small plastic dropper bottle filled only to the lower “Add Diluent” line. Upon receipt of the kit, patients should remove the dropper plug from the small plastic bottle and add their own decongestant solution until the level reaches the “Full Line.” From that point forward, the patient follows the procedure as outlined in the Rhinostat Instruction Booklet.

Complete and easy to follow directions are included with each convertible kit.

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