FREEDOM from decongestant nasal spray with RHINOSTAT

Safe, Effective & Guaranteed

Rhinostat is the Rhinitis Medicamentosa Company.  Since 1999, our one and only business has been helping to wean individuals from decongestant nasal sprays.  Our patented taper titration system is designed to maintain comfortable airflow as the decongestants are gradually and precisely withdrawn.  No prescription is required and Rhinostat offers an unconditional 100% money back guarantee.

We ship to more than 70 countries worldwide via the US Postal Service and UPS. Orders are discretely packaged for your medical privacy and ship within one business day.  Rhinostat is an A+ Rated Member of the Florida Better Business Bureau Since 2003.

U.S. Patent Number 5,988,870

Rhinostat Preserves Airflow Via Precise And Gradual Titration Of The Decongestant

The advantage of precision taper titration can be quantified using rhinomanometry, which measures nasal airflow.  Visit our How Rhinostat Works Page to see the difference in airflow when patients are gradually weaned using Rhinostat versus corticosteroids, placebo or “cold turkey”.

Rebound Congestion & Rhinitis Medicamentosa is a Serious Quality of Life Issue

Tens of thousands of individuals have written to us since 1999 to tell us that their struggle with RM was the most difficult and frustrating problem they have ever faced in their lives.  The dependence on over-the-counter decongestant sprays is only understood and appreciated by those who have suffered with it.

Our Commitment to Preservative-Free & Water Soluble Formulas

Nearly all OTC decongestant sprays contain the preservative benzalkonium chloride (BZK) and many contain microcrytsalline cellulose (finely ground wood pulp).  Rhinostat kits are individually formulated for each client and free of these problematic ingredients.

Rhinostat Was Featured on The Television Show “The Doctors”

Watch this informative video from “The Doctors” as they explain rhinitis medicamentosa and how Rhinostat can help if you have become dependent on decongestant nasal sprays.

Hello, I wanted to thank you for such a great product.

I had tried to quit using nasal spray over and over but I never could. I was using it 6 times a day. I started using my Rhinostat kit on a Thursday and I followed the Standard Method. The following Friday (8 days) I was to the point where I only needed to use my dropper once. Since then (two weeks) I have been done with the nasal spray and the Rhinostat. Rhinostat worked great! Thank you very much for this great product. **