Fractional Strength (Micro-Dose) Decongestants For Extended Use

Rhinostat PM Kits are preservative free, reduced strength decongestant sprays intended for use primarily before bedtime.

Our primary goal is to get patients weaned from all use of their decongestant sprays both day and night, using a Rhinostat Withdrawal Kit.  In some cases, patients may still need help at night to ensure adequate airflow and comfortable sleep.  Rhinostat PM is a preservative free decongestant formulated at a small fraction of the original strength.  Intended for use primarily at bedtime, the weaker doses provide adequate relief without provoking the rebound swelling that would lead to daytime usage.

Some patient groups who may benefit from Rhinostat PM are:

  • Patients who experience congestion while lying down.
  • Patients who are using decongestant sprays only at night.
  • Sleep apnea patients
  • Patients taking E.D. medications (to overcome nasal congestion, which is a commonly reported side effect.)

Rhinostat is available in four dosage strengths:  1%, 2%, 3.5% and 5%.  The suggested starting dose is 2% (our most popular formulation).  A starter sample kit is available which contains one bottle of each of the 4 available strengths.  Rhinostat PM uses a traditional pump spray dispenser.

Rhinostat PM kits are free of the preservative Benzylkonium Chloride, which has been shown to exacerbate rhinitis medicamentosa. Each Rhinostat PM kit contains a one month supply (4 individual bottles, to be used for one week each.) Since these solutions are not preserved, each bottle is used for only one week. Prior to use, the bottles should be stored in the freezer to inhibit microbial growth. Detailed instructions are sent with each Rhinostat PM kit.

One Month Supply:  $19.00 – Contains Four Bottles

The Table Below Shows The Effective Percentages For Each Strength

Original Rhinostat PM Rhinostat PM Rhinostat PM Rhinostat PM
Strength 1% Strength 2% Strength 3.5% Strength 5% Strength
Oxymetazoline HCL 0.05% 0.05% 0.00050% 0.00100% 0.00180% 0.00250%
Phenylepherine HCL 1.0% 1.00% 0.01000% 0.02000% 0.03500% 0.05000%
Xylemetazoline HCL 0.1% 0.1% 0.00100% 0.00200% 0.00350% 0.00500%
Naphazoline HCL 0.05% 0.05% 0.00050% 0.00100% 0.00018% 0.00250%

Our Sample Kit Contains One Bottle of Each Strength
1% Blue  /  2% White  /  3.5% Amber  /  5% Green

Regular Rhinostat PM Kits Contain Four Bottles of Identical Strength (all Same Color)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

This product is unbelievable. I have been using nasal spray for the past 18 months (every 3 1/2 to 4 hours). After using your product for 8 days…..I am spray free! Foods taste better and smells I had forgotten are back at last! I had no “withdrawal” type side effects and am so thankful for Rhinostat. I will recommend this product to anyone!**