Precise Taper Titration (the Rhinostat Method) Preserves Normal Airflow As Decongestants Are Withdrawn

In the treatment of rhinitis medicamentosa (RM), achieving better airflow is paramount to successful outcomes. The Rhinostat method, characterized by precise taper titration, is designed to preserve normal airflow throughout the weaning process from decongestant sprays.

The key principle in treating RM remains consistent: patients must discontinue their use of decongestants. Rhinostat is commonly used in conjunction with corticosteroids like Prednisone and Flonase, but it can also be used as a standalone therapy.

Abrupt cessation of decongestants leads to severe airflow restriction, which few patients can endure. Rhinomanometric studies highlight that corticosteroids alone provide minimal improvement in airflow, often leading patients back to nasal sprays within 24 hours due to discomfort. This disruption in airflow is a primary reason for the failure of RM treatments.

Rhinostat’s method offers a gradual taper titration over three to five weeks, enabling RM patients to wean off decongestants comfortably. Rhinostat provides patients with the necessary solutions, apparatus, and instructions for the weaning process, with direct customer service and support throughout.

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