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Your product works Great!

I have been an addict of Generic Afrin for 6 plus years, I had to go to the generic because I was using so much of the nose spray that I could not afford it. I knew as time went on my addiction was getting worse, because of the concern to always make sure that I had my nose spray handy and when I found your product on the internet I did not deay in ordering it. I chose to start the process on a week long vacation and I do not regret it at all the process was not that difficult. I never even went thru all the process, there was no need. Your product needs to be available to everyone. It really felt good to throw away all my Generic Afric Nose Spray I had at lease 6 bottles stashed. Thanks again for a great product. I will tell anyone that I run into about this better way of life. Thanks. Now I can only hope to get thru leaves falling season with no major problems. I am keeping Salaine handy.**