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Rhinostat Withdrawal Kits (Taper Titration Kits) $39

These kits are intended for individuals seeking to completely withdraw from all use of the decongestant sprays.  Our lab individually formulates these kits based upon the active ingredient in your current decongestant spray.  During the ordering process, you will specify which active ingredient you need based upon your current spray:

  • Oxymetazoline hCL 0.05%  (most popular)
  • Phenylephrine hCl 1.0%  (2nd most popular)
  • Xylometazoline hCL 0.1% (rare in the USA, common in Europe/Asia)
  • Naphazoline hCL 0.05% (rare)

Who this is for:
Clients seeking to completely wean themselves from all use of the decongestant sprays both day and night.  A typical weaning cycle lasts between 17 and 42 days.  A single kit is all that is needed to perform the withdrawal cycle.  This is a single use kit, not intended for continuous use.

Who this is not for:
Clients seeking to use fractional strength sprays on an ongoing basis.  For example: if you wish to use a decongestant at night before bedtime.  Please see our Rhinostat PM kits below if this is your intended use.

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Rhinostat PM (Reduced Strength Decongestant Solutions) $19 (One Month Supply)

Our primary goal is always to help clients completely wean from all use of decongestants, day and night.  Some clients continue to need decongestant relief primarily at bedtime.  The goal is to provide comfortable airflow during sleep without provoking rebound congestion during the daytime.  Our Rhinostat PM product is formulated at a small fraction of the normal dosage strength:

  • Rhinostat PM 1.0%
  • Rhinostat PM 2.0%  (Our most popular)
  • Rhinostat PM 3.5%
  • Rhinostat PM 5.0%

Who this is for:
Clients who need to use the decongestant sprays on an ongoing basis.  This is not a withdrawal kit.

Who this is not for:
Clients seeking to completely withdraw from all use of decongestant sprays.  This client group should first use a withdrawal kit (selection above).

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Rhinostat Isotonic Saline Solutions (Preservative Free) $7.95

Moisturizing & Therapeutic:

Isotonic and preservative free, our saline solution is very popular with our clients.  Available in a 60mL dropper bottle as well as a premixed powder which you can add to one gallon of distilled water to make a full gallon of Rhinostat Saline Solution.

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Everyone working at our lab is a former RM patient.  We know how important this is for you and the impact it has on your quality of life.  We are dedicated to supporting you in ever way we can.  We take pride in the high level of compassionate and careful support we provide to our clients.

If you are ever not satisfied with a purchase, simply return it to us for a cheerful and immediate refund.

Withdrwal Kits $39.00

For clients seeking to completely withdraw from decongestant nasal sprays.

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Rhinostat PM $19.00

Fractional strength (micro-dose) decongestant solutions for use primarily at bedtime.

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Isotonic Saline $7.95

Soothing, moisturizing, therapeutic and preservative free.

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For the first time in 4 years I’ve gone one full day without using any nasal spray thanks to the Rhinostat System. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I could never have gotten over my addiction to nasal spray with out this system. I tried many times in that 4 years, but couldn’t go more than a few hours without using my spray. The Rhinostat System directions were easy to understand and follow. After just 35 days of use, I’m no longer addicted to nasal sprays!! If anyone out there is addicted to nasal sprays and is ready to quit, I would highly recommend the Rhinostat System. Again, thank you.**