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I would like to say that I have been an avid Afrin user off and on for about 8 years. After my latest bout, I stumbled on to your wonderful website.

What relief when I read that you understood the agony of the symptoms, and if I may add, learned about backed up congestion and what my addiction was all about and why I couldn’t breath. Struggling with the burning, sneezing and blocked nasal passages, I was at wit’s end again so to speak. I decided to purchase your product. I am happy to say that on day 16 of the program, I am Afrin free and have been for 2 weeks. I still struggle with congestion at times because the house is dry, weather, etc, but have been using decongestion pills to aid me, a very small price to pay the way I see it, but as time goes on I anticipate it will get better. How easy to kick the addiction. I can finally breath again on my own. No more worrying about bottles before I leave the house, it’s really great. I strongly endorse your concept of this problem and fully support your product! If I can be of any help to aid you in gaining recognition to market this product, please contact me !! Thank you Rhinostat !!!**