These kits are intended for clients seeking to completely withdraw from decongestant nasal sprays.

A single kit is all that is needed.  The withdrawal cycle generally takes 17-42 days.  These kit are individually formulated and will contain the same active ingredient found in your current decongestant nasal spray.  Your Rhinostat Kit will provide the same familiar and comfortable decongestant effect you are accustomed to.  Using the solutions and the apparatus and the instructions provided, each day you will “cycle” the kit and dilute the strength of the formula at a targeted rate of 15%.  The kits are very simple to use.

A Daily Progress Chart is also provided, allowing you to track your progress toward reaching your goal.

These kits are intended for individuals seeking to completely withdraw from all use of the decongestant sprays.  Our lab individually formulates these kits based upon the active ingredient in your current decongestant spray.  During the ordering process, you will specify which active ingredient you need based upon your current spray:

  • Oxymetazoline hCL 0.05%  (most popular)
  • Phenylephrine hCl 1.0%  (2nd most popular)
  • Xylometazoline hCL 0.05% (rare in the USA, common in Europe/Asia)
  • Naphazoline hCL 0.05% (rare)

Who this is for:

Clients seeking to completely wean themselves from all use of the decongestant sprays both day and night.  A typical weaning cycle lasts between 17 and 42 days.  A single kit is all that is needed to perform the withdrawal cycle.  This is a single use kit, not intended for continuous use.

Who this is not for:

Clients seeking to use fractional strength sprays on an ongoing basis.  For example: if you wish to use a decongestant at night before bedtime.  Please see our Rhinostat PM kits below if this is your intended use.

Each Withdrawal Kit Contains The Following Items:

  • Water Soluble, Preservative Free Decongestant Solution
  • Preservative Free Diluent Solution (osmotic pressure matched to decongestant)
  • Rhinitis Medicamentosa Knowledge Guidebook & Instructions
  • Transition Protocol Instruction Sheet
  • Daily Progress Chart
  • Alcohol Cleaning Wipes

 Rhinostat Solutions are Free of Preservatives and Microcrystalline Cellulose (Finely Ground Wood Pulp)

Thank you!

I had been addicted to Afrin for a little over a year and I thought I would never be able to go without it again. I have not so much as used the Rhinostat kit in the past 48 hours and it only took me about 17 days of using the kit to no longer need any sprays. I plan getting your product for my father soon. He has been addicted to Afrin in the past, but now he uses 4 Way. His spray addiction has been going on for at least 10 years. He will be so happy to finally be free! I highly recommend your product to anyone with a nasal spray addiction. Thank you very much!**