Adjunct Medications

This page contains a table of medications which are often used in conjunction with Rhinostat when other medical conditions (such as allergies) are present.

Many Rhinostat users have provided positive feedback about Neilmed Sinus Rinse. They offer an extensive line of nasal irrigation products on their website which are important for daily nasal hygiene and are very beneficial for patients with allergies and/or seasonal rhinitis.

Sinus Rinse is available in most major pharmacies, such as CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, Target and

Over The Counter (OTC) and Prescription Medications Often Used In Conjunction With Rhinostat

Click on the Drug Name to Visit The Product Website. Click on Package Insert to Read FDA Prescribing Information. OTC indicates “Over The Counter – No Prescription Required”. Check with your physician or health care provider as to which of these medication(s) are best suited for your medical needs.

Drug NameClassificationOTC?Active IngredientFDA Package Insert
AstelinAntihistamineNAzelastine HydrocholorideView Package Insert
AtroventAnticholinergicNIpratropium BromideView Package Insert
DymistaAntihistamine + SteroidNAzelastine Hcl & Fluticasone PropionateView Package Insert
FlonaseCorticosteroidYFluticasone PropionateView Package Insert
NasacortAdrenocortical SteroidYTriamcinolone AcetonideView Package Insert
NasalcromMast Cell InhibitorYCromolyn SodiumView Package Insert
NasonexCorticosteroidYMometasone Furoate MonohydrateView Package Insert
OmnarisCorticosteroidNCiclesonideView Package Insert
PatanaseAntihistamineNOlopatadine HydrochlorideView Package Insert
Q-NaslCorticosteroidNBeclomethasone DipropionateView Package Insert
RhinocortGlucocorticoidYBudesonideView Package Insert