About Rhinostat

Rhinostat is the Rhinitis Medicamentosa Company.

Rhinostat Labs is the rhinitis medicamentosa (RM) company.  Since 1999, we remain the sole company worldwide whose only focus is RM.  Our small team of lab technicians and administrators concentrate on the following aspects of treating and researching RM.  Specifically, we focus on:

  • Compiling and maintaining extensive databases on the formulation (active and non-active ingredients) and chemistry of every OTC topical decongestant nasal spray sold all over the world.
  • Assessing the complications presented by non-active ingredients which can exacerbate R.M. and developing protocols for overcoming them.
  • Collecting information directly from RM patients and the physicians that treat them, with the goal of documenting various treatment regimens and quantifying success rates.
  • Categorizing RM patients depending upon their usage patterns, consumption volume, dosage frequency, reason for starting and the prevalence of other underlying medical or physiologic conditions.
  • Formulating Rhinostat Kits (dosage titration kits) which allow individuals to gradually wean themselves from topical decongestants while maintaining normal airflow.
  • Formulating reduced strength decongestant solutions (Rhinostat PM) for the subset of patients who use the decongestants only prior to bedtime.

Rhinostat Labs is located in Central Florida and has been an A+ rated member of the Florida Better Business Bureau since 2003.

At Rhinostat, we understand what a difficult and frustrating problem this is.    We are dedicated to the highest levels of individualized customer service and support.  We treat every individual with understanding, compassion and care.  The founder of our company and several of our staff members are former RM patients.

Each Rhinostat Kit is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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