Rhinostat works by preserving nasal airflow as the decongestants are withdrawn.

The cornerstone of Rhinitis Medicamentosa (RM) treatments is always the same; patients must discontinue their use of the decongestant nasal sprays.

When the decongestants are abruptly withdrawn, it leads to a 4-7 day period of congestion and discomfort.  This is the primary reason why the treatment of RM often fails.  Very few RM patients are able to tolerate the resulting discomfort and generally return to their use of the sprays within 12-24 hours.

Unlike other treatment options, Rhinostat preserves normal airflow as patients are precisely and gradually weaned from the active ingredient in the decongestant.  The patented Rhinostat apparatus and diluent solution allows the patient to taper the dosage strength at a targeted rate of 15% per day. The weaning process typically takes from 17 to 41 days.

The advantage of gradual weaning can be quantified using rhinomanometry, the study of nasal airflow .  The chart below shows the increased airflow when patients are gradually weaned using Rhinostat vs. corticosteroids, placebo or “cold turkey.”

In addition to the apparatus, the Rhinostat diluent solution is free of the preservative benzalkonium chloride, which has been shown to exacerbate RM.

Airflow Comparison Chart: Rhinostat vs. Placebo vs. Corticosteriods
Airflow Comparison Chart: Patients using corticosteroids and placebo experience severely restricted airflow for the first 6-7 days, once the decongestants are withdrawn. Patients who are gradually weaned using Rhinostat maintain comfortable airflow during the entire withdrawal period. All patients have similar airflow after 10-14 days.

The Rhinomanometer (pictured below) is a medical device which is used to measure nasal inspiratory flow.

Image Courtesy of GM Instruments, manufacturer of this rhinomanometer. Visit http://www.gm-instruments.com/ to learn more.

No prescription is required and Rhinostat offers an unconditional money back guarantee.  If, for any reason, you are unable to wean yourself from the decongestant sprays using Rhinostat, the kit may be returned to us for an immediate and cheerful refund. 

Rhinostat is an A+ Rated Member of the Florida Better Business Bureau (BBB.)  Since 1999, we have conducting research and helping individuals comfortably wean themselves from decongestant nasal sprays.

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