For those who experience some difficulty with the dropper version of the Rhinostat Kit, we also offer a pump spray bottle.

Because the spray stems in the pump spray bottles trap a volume of solution, there is a significant chance that the dosage strength will be the same for more than a single day. The withdrawal period is extended, however patients are still weaned from the decongestants using the pump spray. Instead of replenishing the amount consumed each day, patients add a prescribed volume. Detailed, easy to follow instructions are sent with each spray kit.

If you have questions about our Rhinostat Spray Kits, please contact us.

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Oxymetazoline Pump Spray Kit$39.00Add To Cart
Phenylephrine Pump Spray Kit$39.00Add To Cart
Oxymetazoline & Phenylephrine Combo Pump Spray Kit$39.00Add To Cart
Xylometazoline Pump Spray Kit$39.00Add To Cart